Why Are Japanese Steel Shears Considered the Best?

As a barber, your tools are one of the most important things for you. Good tools can ensure that you will be able to give the best haircuts possible and satisfy your customers. These tools can play a huge part in the success or failure of your hairstyling career so it is always important that you make the best choices available in order to give yourself every chance of succeeding in this incredible field.

A good pair of shears is the best friend that every barber wants. They can ensure that you are able to give clean and precise cuts to your customers without any additional effort. They also make sure that you do not put a strain on your arms and hands as most of the modern shears are made with an ergonomic design.

When we go into the specifics about shears, we realize that the material that is used in these shears is of the utmost importance as it can determine the quality, value, and lifespan of these scissors.

There are a plethora of materials that are used to craft these shears including stainless steel, cobalt, and molybdenum alloy. However, the strongest and arguably most reliable and durable material that is used to manufacture shears is Japanese steel.

In fact, a large percentage of barbers all over the world prefer scissors, clippers, and shears made using Japanese steel. So what is it that makes Japanese steel the best material for hairstyling equipment? Luckily for you, here we will take a deep dive into all the factors that make Japanese Steel shears the best.


Japanese Steel Shears

Japanese steel has been around since the middle ages when it was strictly used in swordsmithing. Japanese swordsmiths were considered the best in the world because of how sharp and precise their blades were. In the early 1970s, this technology was brought into other more popular industries like automobiles and ship-building and from there it made its way to the hairstyling industry.

Before the popularity of Japanese steel, German steel was used for the manufacturing of shears and scissors but Japanese steel quickly took over the entire barbering industry because of its high quality and durability.

Nowadays, Japanese steel is used all over the world for the manufacturing of haircutting clippers because of its high tensile strength and flexibility. It is the most preferred choice because the shears that are made using Japanese steel maintain their fine edges which help you in giving a clean haircut.


Benefits of Using Japanese Steel

In addition to the commonly known benefits that have been mentioned above, Japanese steel offers a lot more benefits that are not commonly known and which help in further elaborating its superiority over other types of steel. Some of these benefits include;

Corrosion Resistant

easy to handle




Best Japanese Steel Used in Making Shears Today

Nowadays, Japanese steel is used in the manufacturing of high-grade shears by all the big barbering equipment companies in the world. However, there are different grades of Japanese steel which have a big impact on the quality and the price of the shears. Below are some of the highest grade Japanese-steel used today;


The 440C steel is the best in terms of durability and overall quality. It is mostly used in equipment that requires a razor edge like swivel and texturizing shears. Clippers that are made using this type of steel are of premium quality and cost more than $250.


This type of steel is commonly used in the manufacturing of chef knives and premium quality hair scissors because of its flexibility. The steel is only manufactured in Japan and the G in the name stands for Gold quality. This flexibility makes the steel ideal for the manufacturing of texturizing shears.


This is another type of Gold quality steel that is used in robotics, chef knives, and hairdressing scissors. This type of metal is infused with a high concentration of carbon which makes it ideal for cutting thick and curly hair. The edge made using this steel is thick and can be used for a large period of time without any repairs.

Aichi Steel

Aichi is a custom type of steel that is specifically used in the manufacturing of barbering clippers and shears. This type of steel is infused with cobalt steel which allows the blades to have a sharper edge. The blades made using this type of steel are also popular for quality and robustness.


Top Japanese Steel Shears Available in the Market Today

Top Professional Hairstylists' Recommended

Japanese steel has been around for a long period. From its use in swordsmithing in the 1600s all the way to its use in the manufacturing of scissors and clippers today, it has always been a hallmark of quality and longevity. Because of all its benefits and attributes, it is used by hairdressing equipment companies all over world and the products that are made using this steel are always in high demand.

All of the world’s top professional hairstylists use and recommend Japanese steel shears because of their unrivaled quality and because of the fact that they can make your job a lot easier and manageable. All these factors and more are why Japanese steel shears are considered the best by the entire hairstyling community.