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A properly cleaned and maintained salon not only shows your customers that you care about their health and wellbeing but cleaning your tools and equipment regularly increases their lifespan and usage quality.

A clean salon creates an inviting space for your clients. Nowadays because of Covid-19, cleaning and properly taking care of your salon and all the equipment in it has become a matter of utmost importance.

Customers of today not only expect a spot-free and clean establishment, they actually demand it. In order to meet these demands, it is crucial that you follow proper safety and cleaning guidelines to ensure that everything is according to their standards.

You can best compare these standards to going out to eat at a restaurant. Whenever you visit a fine-dining establishment, you will notice that the staff are always cleaning the plates and the silverware on the table for when the next party will arrive.

You can implement these practices in your salons by doing simple cleaning of the sitting area and the equipment in between appointments. In addition to this, there are simple tips that you can follow to ensure that all the equipment in your salon is properly cleaned and here we will discuss these tips in detail;

Cleaning the Salon Chairs

The first step in the cleaning process is to thoroughly clean your salon chairs. Scrubbing down your salon chairs will make sure that there is dirt and grime left on it. Cleaning is the most important part of the sanitizing process as well as it ensures that everything will be properly disinfected and no dirt or germs will be left behind.

While cleaning, it is a good practice to use cleaning products that will not damage the leather on the seats. Many cleaners that are sold in the market can dry out and even leave cracks on the upholstery.

So if you cannot find safe cleaning products, using warm water and soap is better than damaging your seats. When you are scrubbing your chairs, it is also important that you don’t scrub too hard and remove the coloring of the leather.

Combs, Brushes, Clippers, and Other Daily Use Equipment

After you are done cleaning your salon chairs, the next step is to take care of all the daily use equipment. All these items should be properly cleaned as they can easily transmit germs from one customer to another.

When you start cleaning these items, it is preferable to use natural-based cleaning products in order to prevent health and other environmental ramifications.

Once you have gathered up all the daily use tools like scissors, brushes, razors, and shears you can use a specialized cleaning liquid known as barbicide to completely soak your tools in order to clean and sanitize them.

After soaking them in this liquid for ten to fifteen minutes, you can take them out and rinse them off. After you are done cleaning these tools, store them in a clean and airtight space to ensure that they don’t get dirty again.

When you are cleaning out electric tools, make sure that they are unplugged and safe to clean. After that gently clean them off using wipes and let them sit for thirty to forty minutes.

Cleaning the Shampooing Stations

The shampooing stations should also be taken care of and regularly cleaned. After every client, you need to make sure that the shampooing stations are cleaned and disinfected. While cleaning these stations, you should avoid the use of cleaning products with abrasive chemicals as they can badly damage your sinks. The usage of bristled brushes should also be discouraged as it can leave behind permanent scratches.

When cleaning these stations, use a cloth to gently clean and sanitize to protect them from damage and scratches and whenever you use cleaning products, be sure to go through their ingredients.

Cleaning Up the Reception Area

The reception area is a space that is often ignored regardless of the fact that it is a place where the largest number of people stick around every single day. That is why it is important that you clean this area every single day.

Regularly clean all the chairs and tables that are present in the reception and waiting area and make it a practice to wipe down the reception desk after every single client.

It is also important to regularly change the magazines and newspapers that are set out in the waiting area and throw out the old ones after a certain period of time.

Cleaning Up the Overall Salon

Once you have thoroughly cleaned out all the important areas of the salon, it is time for you to shift your attention to every other nook and cranny of your establishment. When you are cleaning your entire salon, standard cleaning practices like, dusting, sanitizing, and sweeping should be made commonplace.

Clutter and garbage can pile up quickly and can leave a sour taste in your clients’ mouths if they see your salon in this condition. It is your job to make sure that everything is in its correct place at workstations, bathrooms, and even the reception areas so that everything looks neat and clean.

Shelves and all the products on them should also be regularly dusted and cleaned so that your store gives off a welcoming vibe to all the clients.


These are five of the easiest cleaning tips that can keep your salon and all its equipment in pristine condition. Covid-19 has struck fear in the hearts of a lot of people because of which they are too scared to even visit any outdoor areas whether they be movie theatres, restaurants, or hair salons.

These current conditions can be severely detrimental for your business if you do not follow proper cleaning and hygiene practices.

 A lot of businesses have closed their doors in the past 2 years because of a lack of customers. If you follow these cleaning tips you can show your customers that you care about their safety and health. All of this will convince them to visit your salon and in the bottom line help your business grow and succeed.