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A Quick Guide On Using Thinning Shears Like Pros

When it comes to achieving precise and sharp results in your hair-cutting work, the quality of your tools is of utmost importance. If you’re a hairstylist looking for a new pair of thinning shears to enhance your professional kit, you’ve come to the right place. In this informative guide, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to make an informed decision and choose the best thinning shears for your hairstyling needs.

What Are Thinning Shears?

how to use thinning shearsWhen cutting your client’s hair, it’s crucial to use thinning shears to maintain length and shape while reducing the thickness and adding surface. Thinning shears have smooth edges on one side and creases or teeth on the other, which is very different from traditional cutting shears. They appear in various forms, each with opposing teeth that provide variable results. Achieve optimal results by using thinning shears on dry hair, allowing you to observe the natural hair fall precisely. Enhance your technique with the art of using thinning shears.

Three Main Types of Thinning Shears:

  • Thinning shears with 20 to 30 teeth are ideal for creating texture and blending effects in the hair. 
  • For removing bulk, it is recommended to use thinning shears with either 6 to 12 teeth or 30 to 40 teeth. 
  • Thinning shears with 14 to 20 teeth are well-suited for blending and providing a polished finishing touch.

A Guide to Using Thinning Shears To Add Texture

How you have been trained can impact your approach to using thinning shears to add texture and movement to your client’s hair. A simple technique involves working on one hair section at a time. 

  • Begin by pulling the section away from the face and holding the ends between your fingers. 
  • Position the thinning shears horizontally against the hair ends and make slight inward cuts to shape them according to your desired outcome.

A Guide to Using Thinning Shears To Thin Out Hair

It is advisable to follow the techniques you have been formally trained in or those that have proven successful. As a general guideline, the alternating technique is commonly recommended when thinning out thicker hair.

  • To achieve the desired thinning effect, position the tip of your thinning shears upwards and cut the hair at the midpoint of each 3-inch section.
  •  Repeat this step with the shears’ end facing downwards. Continuously go through the sections to ensure the desired level of thinness.

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How To Clean Thinning Shears

Maintaining good hygiene practices is essential for every hairdresser, including proper care of your thinning shears to ensure their longevity. It is advised to clean your thinning shears using warm water and your preferred cleaning solution. Remember to allow them to dry thoroughly between each cleaning session. Additionally, make it a habit to clean your shears after every use and periodically give them deep cleans to keep them in optimal condition.

The Best Thinning Shears For Hairstylists

Jonetsu Shears Offset Thinning Shears

how to use thinning shears on bangsJuntetsu Hair Thinning Shears are crafted with superior VG10 steel for lightweight precision. The clam-shaped blade and ergonomic handle ensure effortless cuts without strain or injury. With 30 thinning teeth, they deliver smooth, precise results. Trusted by professionals in Australia and New Zealand, the set includes a choice of Juntetsu Thinning Shear, a leather pouch, a cleaning cloth, and scissor oil.

Yasaka YS 6.0 Inch Hair Thinning Scissor

how to use thinning shears on yourselfThe YS Yasaka Thinning Shears, available in 6″ inch size, employs Japanese sharpened prism technology to ensure the sharpest cuts. These shears offer different tooth options ideal for thinning and texturizing alongside your cutting shears. The number of teeth indicates the estimated amount of hair to be removed: 40 teeth (50% cut-away), 30 teeth (35% cut-away), 20 teeth (25% cut-away), and 16 teeth (15% cut-away). The uniquely designed ergonomic handle provides a natural and comfortable position for your fingers and thumb, reducing stress during long cutting hours. The lightweight construction and secure grip alleviate pressure on your wrist and elbow.

Ichiro Rose Gold Thinning Shears

how to use thinning shears on menThe Rose Gold Thinning Shear, created especially for stylists and hairdressers in the industry, is the height of elegance. This scissor, made of premium cutting steel, is perfect for thinning down your clients’ hair. The Ichiro thinning shears come as a complete set with a genuine bag, maintenance kit, style razor, and other add-ons.