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Should You Buy Joewells Scissors?

The well-known Joewell scissors will help you improve your hairstyling skills. The brand was established in 1917 and has become one of the most recognizable shear brands.

With a tradition of more than 45 years, this brand has reliably conveyed exceptional quality and excellence. Joewell has built a name for itself as the most popular scissors brand in Japan and worldwide. Over 200 models have been developed due to their commitment to uncompromising quality, providing a diverse selection of traditional and cutting-edge options to meet the various requirements of hairstylists worldwide. Join the global hairstylist community to Experience JoeWell Scissors’ beauty and precision. Joewell will teach you how to achieve stunning hairstyles.

Variety of Scissors Offered by Joewell

Discover the diverse range of scissors produced by Joewell, catering to the unique needs of hairstylists. Joewell presents a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge tools, including cutting, thinning, left-handed, and Urushi scissors. Each category offers specialised features and designs to empower hairstylists with precision, comfort, and exceptional results. Explore the world of Joewell scissors and unlock your creative potential.

Are Joewells scissors worth investing into?

With a steadfast commitment to quality, Joewell established itself as the leading scissors brand in Japan and gained a devoted following worldwide. By adapting and tailoring their products to meet the unique demands of each market they serve, Joewell has solidified its reputation as a beloved brand. Boasting an impressive catalogue of over 200 models on their official website, Joewell offers an extensive range of options to hairstylists globally. From their renowned classic designs to cutting-edge innovations, Joewell ensures a perfect fit for everyone. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Joewell for unparalleled excellence in hairstyling tools.

Top 5 Joewell Scissors to Purchase

Joewell Black Crest (Texturising/Blending shear)

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The Joe Well Black Crest is a truly exceptional shear that stands out in the Joewell product line. Its sleek design and impressive features offer hairstylists an unparalleled cutting experience. Measuring 5.9 inches in size and featuring a 61mm blade length provides optimal control and precision. Despite its lightweight construction of only 50 grams, the Black Crest boasts a powerful 35% cut ratio, thanks to its 40 teeth. Crafted from durable supreme stainless alloy, this shear is built to last. The dry-bearing screw system and silver screw cover ensure smooth operation and longevity. The removable finger rests, and black titanium coating on the handles add to the shear’s comfort and durability. Prepare to elevate your hairstyling game with the extraordinary Joewell Black Crest.

Supreme Powder Metal SPM-50

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The Supreme Powder Metal SPM-50 shear is designed to be comfortable and only weighs 42 grams. It has a sword and a flat blade, a dry bearing screw system, and a finger hole that is medium in size. It doesn’t need to be oiled because of these features, which make it easy to handle. In addition, the shear has permanent finger rests made of high-quality silicone rubber. These rests help prevent wrist pain and fatigue while providing an excellent grip. The Joewell SPM-50 is a favourite tool of professional hairstylists because it lets them work longer without getting tired.

Joewell FX-L55 (Left-handed)

joewells scissorsThe amazing Joewell FX-L55 left-handed shears are made with skill and stylish design. They are essential tools for left-handed hairstylists. The 54mm blade on the FX-L55 is ideal for precise and sliding cuts. One of its standout features is the innovative FX 3D handle, which allows your thumb and fingers to move naturally. This reduces hand tiredness and makes cutting hair easy and effortless.

Joewell JGC-24 (Texturising/Blending shear)

joewell classic scissorsThe Joewell JGC-24 is a wonderful choice for hair stylists who require shears for elegantly trimming angled bobs. Its 6.3-inch length and 69-mm blade make it ideal for forming complex angles and shapes. It is lightweight (just 57.0 grams) and pleasant to handle for extended periods. Cutting accuracy is made possible by the 15% cut ratio and the tiny finger hole. The JGC-24 features 24 tough stainless metal teeth that ensure its durability. It offers comfort and accuracy with a dry-bearing screw mechanism and a fixed finger rest. With the Joewell JGC-24, your angled bobs will be upgraded.

Supreme Powder Metal SPM-60

The Supreme Powder Metal SPM-60 from Joe Well is a great way to improve your hairstyling skills. It is ideal for creating blended and soft hairstyles thanks to its 71mm blade and 6.0-inch length. It is extremely light, weighing only 48 grams. The prestigious 2018 Gold Award was given to the SPM-60 for its outstanding performance. It has a longer blade and is slightly heavier than the SPM-50, giving it better cutting capabilities for different methods. Its size and weight give better grip and balance, particularly for stylists with bigger hands. The Joe Well SPM-60 will help you improve your hairstyling skills.

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FAQ – Joewell Scissors

What sets Joewell scissors apart?

Joewell is a trusted brand with over 45 years of experience, known for exceptional quality and adaptability.

What types of scissors does Joewell offer?

Joewell offers cutting, thinning, left-handed, and Urushi scissors for various hair styling needs.

Are Joewell scissors worth the investment?

Absolutely! Joewell scissors are crafted with precision, durability, and over 200 models.

Recommended Joewell scissors for specific techniques?

  • Black Crest: Ideal for texturizing and blending.
  • SPM-50: Comfortable and precise for various cutting techniques.
  • FX-L55: Specifically designed for left-handed stylists.
  • JGC-24: Perfect for trimming angled bobs with precision.
  • SPM-60: Creates soft and blended hairstyles.

Where to purchase Joewell scissors?

Official websites or authorised retailers ensure genuine products and access to support.