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Checkout the best left handed hair cutting scissors

Left Handed Hair Cutting Scissors are designed exclusively for left-handed hairdressers, according to the MHD study, and they meet the needs of about 11% of industry experts. These scissors stand out for having a sharp edge facing a different direction, providing enhanced handling, accuracy, and increased comfort when cutting hair.

The length of left-handed hair-cutting scissors ranges typically from 5.5 to 7 inches. The blade length is essential since it affects movement through hair. Left-handed hair-cutting scissors can be found with ergonomic designs, offset handles, and straight sharp edges.

The blades of most left handed hair cutting scissors are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability, sharpness, and precise cutting action. The ergonomic design of left handed hair cutting scissors ensures a comfortable hold and reduces wrist and hand fatigue, making it simpler for stylists to cut hair.

Investing in a pair of left handed hair cutting scissors made to your preferred size and shape can significantly improve your cutting skills. Using the right pair can help you produce outstanding hairstyling outcomes. You can create clean lines, seamless blending, and precise texturizing with improved comfort and precision. Do check out the following left handed hair cutting scissors if you are aiming to take your hairstyling skills to new heights.

Top shears brand that sells left handed hair cutting scissors

MATSUI Precision Rose Gold Cutting Scissors


left handed hair cutting scissorsThe Matsui Precision Gold Cutting Scissors are a great value option for left-handed hairstylists. These scissors, made of Japanese steel from Hitachi, offer dependable performance at an affordable cost. They come with a free case, cleaning cloth, shear oil, tension adjuster, and spare finger inserts. Available in two lengths (5.5 inches and 6.0 inches), Matsui Precision Gold Cutting Scissors are ideal for making layered, weave, and pixie cuts and cutting bangs. With their rose gold plan and excellent quality, the Matsui Accuracy Gold Trimming Scissors offer a great incentive for left-gave beauticians searching for dependable, reasonable hair cutting devices.

HH3L Kenta by Hattori Hanzo

left handed shears

The HH3L Kenta is a remarkable point-cutting tool that stands out among the options available for left-handed hair-cutting scissors. While many brands produce scissors for left-handed stylists, few offer the convenience of swivel or double-swivel designs. The Kenta excels in this regard, providing both single and double-swivel options in sizes of 5.5 and 6.0 inches. Among the options for left-handed hair-cutting scissors, the HH3L Kenta is a remarkable point-cutting tool. The Kenta stands out with single and double-swivel options in 5.5 and 6.0 inches sizes.

The HH3L Kenta also has additional elements that upgrade its convenience. It includes a durable finger rest, a screw-in guard, and a subset locking strain control system. The comfortable and precise cutting experience is made possible by these thoughtful details.

Left-handed hairstylists can improve their skills and achieve remarkable results with the HH3L Kenta. Professionals favour this adaptable tool because it combines advanced design elements, durability, and functionality. Experience the distinction with the HH3L Kenta and unlock your full haircutting potential.

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Yasaka Seiki Left-Handed Cutting Shears

left-handed hair cutting scissorsYasaka Seiki Left-Handed Cutting Shears, a well-known Japanese manufacturer, has extensive expertise in producing high-quality scissors and shears. Their outstanding Yasaka shears are manufactured by high-quality Japan Steel. These scissors are widely praised for their remarkable hardness, which results in razor-sharp cuts and excellent protection from scratches, erosion, and general wear, extending their life.

The Yasaka Left-handed Hair Cutting Shears are made to be as comfortable as possible for people who use their left hand. These shears focus on ergonomics and comfort. Yasaka left-handed hair-cutting shears have a clam-shaped convex edge that lets hair easily slide through the blades, making cutting hair a fun experience.

Akito F-2 Silver Left Handed Hair Cutting Scissors

best left handed scissors for cutting hairThe Akito F-2 Silver Left Handed Hair Cutting Scissors were designed and executed successfully in 2016. In 2018, the shears were rebuilt with a 100% Japanese convex edge, in line with Akito’s legacy of innovation. These left-handed hair-cutting scissors are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches. It has a UFO Counter-Lock Strain Framework for silky smooth cutting and excellent balance. The F-2 weight is distributed evenly across the strain structure, making cutting a pleasurable experience. Its 3d thumb has a distinct and adaptable thumb position. By and large, I prefer Japanese steel to cobalt 440C, although it is sturdy enough and has a guaranteed life of 25 years. Overall, the Akito F2 Silver is a terrific buy.

HH4L Menuki by Hanzo

best left handed hair cutting scissorsThese $900 Hattori Hanzo’s HH4L Menuki left-handed hair-cutting scissors are just the best that anybody could hope to find on the market]. These shears feature a crane-moulded grip, and permanent finger rest. The high price is justified as an excellent molybdenum composite is used in the making, and the anatomic thumb allows for a wide range of motion. This enables hair stylists to create a variety of incredible haircuts. Many hairstylists also use them for both wet and dry hair. A superb option, with a lifetime warranty, free delivery, and a 15-day refund policy.