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Mastering The Art How To Cut A Guy’s Hair With Scissors

Cutting a guy’s hair with scissors is more than just a routine task; it’s an art form that demands attention to detail and a deep understanding of the client’s preferences. In this article, we’ll delve into the techniques and tips to execute a flawless guy’s haircut using scissors, ensuring the client walks away with a look that suits their style and personality.

Cutting A Guy’s Hair With Scissors – Step By Step Guide

1. Communication and Consultation

To achieve a flawless haircut while cutting guys’ hair with scissors, effective communication with the client is the key starting point. Engage in conversation to learn about their desired length, level of evenness, and preferred styling options. By understanding their expectations, you can tailor a personalized haircut that perfectly suits their needs. Throughout the process, embrace confidence and intuition, trusting your skills to deliver a stylish and satisfying haircut. Mastering how to cut a guy’s hair with scissors requires a delicate balance of communication, expertise, and instinct for exceptional results.

2. Preparation and Sectioning

how to cut a boy's hair with scissorsBefore commencing the haircut, prepare the client by having them sit comfortably. Spritz the hair lightly using a spray bottle to dampen it, making it easier to manage. Brush the hair forward and imagine a line down the center of the head, separating the right and left sides. You can also use hair clips for sectioning if needed. Trust your skills and instincts to create a personalized haircut tailored to their needs when learning how to cut a guy’s hair with scissors.

3. Trimming the Top

how to cut a guy's hair with scissorsStart at the back and work along the imaginary line created earlier. Take a half-inch section of hair, hold it between your index and middle fingers, and slide your fingers up or down to the desired length. Cut the hair at an angle with the scissors to ensure a smooth and even finish, avoiding any blunt or uneven edges. Trust your skills to achieve precise trims when learning how to cut a guy’s hair with scissors.

4. Blending and Finishing

For a polished look, trim opposite the direction of the hair. This means if the hair points downwards, trim it evenly across the back of the head. Avoid cutting large sections simultaneously, opting for small trims to achieve precision. Continue blending the top with the sides, gradually moving from the front to the back of the head. Always take a portion of the previously trimmed section to maintain consistency in length. Here is a detailed guide to blending and finishing hair

5. Styling Bangs

When you reach the front of the head, gently brush the bangs down and inquire about the client’s desired length. Hold the scissors vertically with the tips facing upwards and carefully make small, angled cuts to achieve a seamless blend. Exercise caution with bangs, as they can be challenging to fix if cut too short. Remember, you can always trim more if needed, but once hair is cut, you can’t add it back. Emphasize precision and attentive cutting when dealing with bangs while learning how to cut a guy’s hair with scissors.

6. Blending Scissor Cuts with Trimmer Cuts

Use the shear-over-brush technique to blend scissor cuts with trimmer cuts for a well-groomed look. Brush the hair upward with the fine-tooth end of the comb and use the scissors to trim any hair protruding from the comb. This technique ensures a smooth transition between different lengths.

7. Neck and Sideburns

Tidy up the hair around the neck and ears using the trimmers without an attachment. Trim the sideburns evenly and step back occasionally to ensure they are symmetrical when viewed head-on. If the client requests a beard trim, use the appropriate attachment to achieve the desired length.

8. Final Touches and Review

Once you’ve completed the haircut, brush the hair one last time and check for any rough areas that need refinement. Carefully clean up any stray hairs using scissors or trimmers. Afterwards, spritz the hair to remove any remaining clippings. Towel-dry the hair gently and consider blow-drying the neck area to ensure a clean finish.


Cutting a man’s hair with scissors requires technical skill, artistry, and attentive communication. Following this guide, you can create tailored haircuts that accentuate the client’s style and personality. Always improve your skills and choose high-quality scissors to achieve exceptional results.