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Being a barber or a hairstylist is one of the best professions you can choose if you have any interest in the fashion industry. With more and more new hair styles and techniques being developed, barbering has become one of the best and most popular career choices in the world today.

A lot of people seem to think that being a barber only requires basic knowledge about cutting and styling hair, but that cannot be further from the truth. If you want to advance your career as a barber in today’s world, you are required to be well trained and proficient in a wide array of hairstyling skills.

If you are interested in becoming a professional hairstylist, you can enroll in a plethora of online courses that can help you in achieving your dream. In order to find the barbering course that is best suited for you, you are required to do a lot of research on things like the barbering school offering the course, the state license requirements to become a barber, and the course and duration of the programs among other things. This process can take up a lot of time and effort.

In order to save you from this ordeal, we have compiled a list of the best online barbering courses to go for in 2021. We have kept all the key factors in mind while preparing this list. Without further ado, here is our list of the best online barbering courses in 2021;

Pro Hairstyling Course by Online Makeup Academy

This course focuses on teaching you about all the practical as well as the theoretical components of professional hairstyling. They begin with teaching you all the basic tricks and techniques and progress into more advanced hair styling methods. The course is divided into six modules with the first being about hair styling tools, the second about making braids, and the third about classic up-dos. The fourth module focuses on bridal hairstyles, the fifth module is about fashion and film hairstyling, and the sixth and last module is focused on marketing your skills.

This course is ideal for you regardless of whether you are a young up-and-comer in the hairstyling field or a professional barber who is looking to pick up some new tricks and techniques to add to his repertoire. This course can last up to four months and after finishing the course you will be awarded a hairstylist training certificate.

Advance Online Barbering Course by Rapunzel Hair Academy

This is a fast-track distance learning course that is centered around the coverage of important topics like the history of barbering, hair growth patterns, head and face shape, and the techniques and tools used to cut men’s hair.

In addition to these fundamental topics, they also cover other important aspects of barbering like neckline shapes, beard trim designs, cutting hair in different styles, and properly handling and using clippers.

The course also includes a training kit which can be purchased with an additional fee. The main advantage of this course is that it is a fast-track course which means that you can complete it in any time frame that is suitable for you. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Online Haircut Classes by Skillshare

Skillshare is an online teaching platform that hosts several haircutting lessons and classes on a regular basis. This is another course offered by them and it focuses on the styling and cutting of female hair.

This online class includes a detailed guide on how you can cut a girls’ hair. It also teaches about the different ways in which you can add different layers to hair and add innovative styles that will make the hair look trendy and unique.

It also gives a detailed guide on the execution of various hairstyles like a blunt haircut, beach waves, and bangs just to name a few. The online haircut classes by Skillshare can also be completed in a variable amount of time and after completing the course by submitting your final project, you will receive a certificate.

How to Become a Professional Barber by Udemy

Udemy is another popular academy that offers regular barber classes. This is one of their most popular and highly rated hair cutting courses. This course goes through multiple aspects of a haircut as well as the different techniques that will help you in giving a professional haircut.

This course goes through a plethora of barbering principles like how to perform a haircut from start to finish, how to negotiate your wages, and how to market to new customers.

The professional barber course by Udemy  will also teach you where you can find work, how to write a proper resume, and how to deal with different problems that a professional hairstylist has to face on a day-to-day basis. You will receive a certificate once you have finished all your tasks and projects.

Hairstyling Course by Michael Boychuck Online Hair Academy

This course focuses on the coverage of every aspect of haircutting ranging from basic fundamentals all the way to bridal hairstyling. Throughout this course, you will learn all the hairstyling tools, products, and equipment that are needed in order to give a professional haircut.

During this course, you will learn about a plethora of haircuts, hair treatments, and hairstyles. Finishing this course will provide you a complete skill set that will help you in becoming a successful barber. Once the course has concluded, you will receive a license that will confirm that you are a professional barber. Michael Boychuck’s online hair academy course is one of the highest-rated courses on our list and can be completed in approximately 190 hours.


These are some of the best online barbering courses that are being offered anywhere in the world today. The world of professional hairstyling is extremely competitive and you need every advantage you can get in order to make sure that you are able to fulfill your dreams.

These courses will not only help you in achieving that dream but they will also provide you a skill set that will help you in standing out among all your competitors.